Kent Logs Tree Surgery are coppicing for The Kent wildlife trust. The wood will be stored for a year and then sold as fire wood. Read on below to find out why coppicing is so important.

Managing Woodland As Coppice Is Important For Wildlife

We all use energy to heat and power our homes and can all therefore benefit from woodfuel.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Net carbon emissions can be reduced compared to fossil fuels.
  • Modern woodfuel combustion technologies are clean and efficient.
  • Given rising prices of fossil fuels, switching to woodfuel can actually reduce fuel bills.
  • So long as forests are sustainably managed, woodfuel provides a renewable source of energy.
  • Incorporating reclaimed clean wood into woodfuel systems helps to reduce the burden on landfill.
  • Managing forests for woodfuel also benefits a wide range of other forest functions such as biodiversity.
  • Financial returns from woodfuel can fund further woodland management.
  • Using woodfuel contributes to UK renewable energy targets.
  • Woodfuel businesses create and sustain rural jobs.