Tree Surgery

Stump Grinding

We can grind your stump out and because our stump grinder is small it can fit through the smallest of gates.

Storm Damage/Wind Blow

The team is always on call to carry out emergency operations. In an emergency we will be with you as fast as possible to make the area safe. 24hr call out.


Pruning little and often tends to produce the best results in terms of the shape and growth of trees. Regular pruning from an early age can improve the future safety and stability of trees. Certain species need more pruning than others and advice is available on the pruning needs of individual trees.


A full inspection is carried out before felling any trees. This will identify any hazards and tree preservation orders that may be present or if the tree is in a conservation area. Most trees in urban environments will require section felling, where the tree is dismantled in stages. This minimises the risk to property and health & safety.

Crown Lifting & Thinning

Crown thinning is used to reduce the risk of storm damage and some pest infestations or disease. By removing branches from the outer edge of the tree it allows more light into the centre of the tree making it stronger. On more mature trees this technique will reduce the weight of the branches and on younger trees it will slow down the growth rate.

Crown reduction would be used when a tree has become too large and is presenting a danger to surrounding buildings. Some species are not suitable for this process, which can cause rapid decay of the tree. If there is a lot of reduction required, then it should be done in two stages to avoid tree damage.

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