Trees growing too close to buildings, roads, powerlines, railways, bridges, amenity areas and heritage sites can be a problem. Once felled re-growth from the stumps can be safely prevented with Ecoplug Max.

  • 95-100% efficacy on treated stumps, preventing regrowth
  • 100% selective with no effect on surrounding trees or vegetation
  • Significantly reduces risks to operator and environment from using herbicide to control trees.
  • Meets requirements of Sustainable Use Directive to minimise herbicide use and the Water Framework Directive to prevent contamination of waterways with pesticides
  • Significantly reduces the cost of clearing trees by reducing the need for follow up site visits
  • Each Ecoplug Max contains 300mg of granular glyphosate enclosed in a sealed plug. Treatment is carried out by drilling holes 30mm deep x 13mm wide using the Ecoplug drill bit. Holes are spaced around the freshly cut stump and the plug is simply hammered in to release the glyphosate.

Ecoplugs can be used at any time of the year and in any weather conditions, since the plugs are sealed into the stump preventing any herbicide movement outside the stump.

Operator Certification

Although the operator exposure is effectively nil because of the delivery system, the product is still a pesticide and comes under all the same regulations as other forms of herbicide. This means that operator certification is required for use in public or amenity areas by professional users. Kent Logs operators have the required certification.