Weed Spraying Services

Many of the strongest (hence most effective) weedkiller products are ONLY available to professional, licensed users like ourselves and cannot be obtained at hardware stores or garden centres because users have to produce an NPTC certificate of competence in order to buy these products.

We use high quality, carefully calibrated Cooper Pegler sprayers and all correct safety equipment as well as keeping all legally required records so you can be sure the application to your site is safe, legal and most importantly EFFECTIVE.

Spraying services that we can provide are:

  • Selective weed control in lawns, small paddocks and amenity turf - this covers such tasks as the destruction of dandelions, clover, daisies, seal heal, ragwort and a wide variety of other common weeds - without killing the grass.
  • Total weed control on gravel driveways, paths and any similar area which is not intended to have plants growing upon it - basically any green vegetation in the treated area will die.
  • Spot treatment of weeds on block paved paths patios and driveways. (please note the law has changed and it is illegal to 'blanket spray' over the entirety of a block paved path, patio or driveway)