Firewood Benefits & Prices

What are the benefits?

We all use energy to heat and power our homes and can all therefore benefit from woodfuel.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Net carbon emissions can be reduced compared to fossil fuels.
  • Modern woodfuel combustion technologies are clean and efficient.
  • Given rising prices of fossil fuels, switching to woodfuel can actually reduce fuel bills.
  • So long as forests are sustainably managed, woodfuel provides a renewable source of energy.
  • Incorporating reclaimed clean wood into woodfuel systems helps to reduce the burden on landfill.
  • Managing forests for woodfuel also benefits a wide range of other forest functions such as biodiversity.
  • Financial returns from woodfuel can fund further woodland management.
  • Using woodfuel contributes to UK renewable energy targets.
  • Woodfuel businesses create and sustain rural jobs.

Delivery Prices

Bags of logs @ £5 each

Minimum order for free local delivery £70

See the map to see if you fall in the free delivery area.......

We can deliver as far as the M25 but this is by separate negotiation.