Stock Fencing Contractor

Kent Logs installs a comprehensive range of stock fencing to suit all kinds of livestock.

Whilst a variety of options are available, typical stock fencing takes the form of a hinge-jointed wire mesh constructed from either mild steel or high tensile steel, both of which are galvanised for durability. The mesh is affixed to timber fence posts with the option of a top-wire, which could be regular or barbed-wire.

Stock fencing is available in a number of heights, gauges and mesh sizes to suit different types of animal. It is important that the correct selections are made to ensure that the erected stock fencing is capable of holding the livestock in question, and that any risk to them (e.g. injury as a result of becoming stuck in the mesh) is minimised.

Please contact us to discuss your stock fencing installation requirements. We will be happy to advise you on the best combination of features for your needs and to provide a no obligation quote for supply and installation.

We can supply traditional Sussex fencing with either 2 or 3 rails.
The picture shows a fence newly erected at a local nature reserve.

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